oil pump s&s 36-72

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Nu Billet s&s oliepumpe til 1936 til 1972.

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Fully CNC machined to maintain close tolerance and strict quality control. Requires a 73-77 breather gear. Only this 36-72 style pump offers an adjustable primary chain oiling system. This pump is not equipped with a rear chain oiling provision. Offers several options for oil line placement. All S&S billet pumps comes complete with everything you need to replace the stock pump and include mounting instructions. Machined with an oil pressure relief bleed off passageway & relieves pressure build up on top of the valve to maintain consistent oil pressure. Oil pressure regulation bypass routes excess oil directly to the supply side of the pump & reduces the amount of oil returned to the tank, less foaming and cavitation. Note: Requires 73-77 breather gear. Note: 36-72 engines used with S&S pinion shaft and drive shaft gears will speed-up oil pump by 25%, identical to 73-up models. S&S pumps for 1936–’67 engines used with the S&S oil pump drive gears deliver 33% more oil than the original cast iron pump Note: There may be more differences in Harley-Davidson crankcases than you might think. Plugging or drilling a hole is sometimes necessary. S&S offers a drill jig as MCS 518150. This is a special tool that is mounted on the crankcase and used as a guide to help you drill holes correctly.

Fits: > 36-72 B.T. 


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