olie SAE 60 eller SAE 20-60

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Olie til din Harley Davidson

20w-50 Fits: > 84-22 B.T.; 86-22 XL/XR

SAE 60 Fits: > 36-83 B.T.; 57-85 XL. (excl. Evo engines)

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300,00DKK. Inkl. moms

4 kg
Leveringstid: 1 til 2 dage

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Motor oil. High quality multigrade. API SG/CD JASO MA.

Fits: > 84-22 B.T.; 86-22 XL/XR

4 liter sae 20w- 60 eurol 

4 liter can. High quality monograde motor oil. SAE 50 is recommended for use in regular weather conditions. The 'thicker' SAE 60 grade can be the choice when riding in very hot conditions. SAE 60W can also help reduce oil consumption in worn engines. This monograde oil is recommended for use in pre-Evolution H-D engines. API SF/CC JASO MA. Note: See 559437 for SEA 50W.

4 liter sae 60 eurol 





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