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2:1 MPH

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2:1, KMH, 5/8-18 CONNECTOR


Til tank montering.

2:1 er til de fleste forhjul og 1:1 til gearkassen.

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With 5/8-18 threaded speedo cable connector. For your reference only: For identification purposes only we have named the earlier 'FL style' speedo­meter faces with 'model years'. These may not accurately represent actual model years and are for use as reference only. Most FL type speedometers are available with K.M.H. or M.P.H faces. All speedometers from the '36-40' face to the '00-03' face styles feature same dimensions and fit the FL, FLH, Fat Bob, FLST, FXST etc. tank mounted style dash. Note that a small modification to the dash, to fit the re-set knob correctly, may be required. 2:1 ratio is suitable for most front wheel drive, 1:1 drive ratio is suitable for most transmission drive models. 84-95 Softail models may have a different 2.24:1 ratio, of which there are listed a few speedometers. Note: 1991-up turn signals will no longer self cancel. - 60 M.P.H. = 1000 R.P.M. (= 1:1) - 60 M.P.H. = 2000 R.P.M. (= 2:1) - 60 M.P.H. = 2240 R.P.M. (= 2.24:1) - 60 K.M.H. = 700 R.P.M. (= 1:1) - 60 K.M.H. = 1400 R.P.M. (= 2:1)

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