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V-Twin Motor Shop Ready single plug type Panheads are fully assembled and ready to install. 
Heads feature original contour castings with the added detail of the late type intake and Shovelhead exhaust port areas. Heads feature cast iron guides, valve stem seals, and nitrated valves (Panhead exhaust Shovelhead intake), and matched spring and collar set, intake ports accept Shovelhead o-ring type manifolds and accept 74" & 80" Shovelhead cylinders with 95.3mm cylinder flange. These heads have provisions for overhead oil lines as used on 1963-1965 Panhead models. Top oiler fitting holes have a 1/8" National Pipe Thread. 1/8" National Pipe Thread pipe plugs are installed. Order original late style o-ring type intake manifold designs, rocker arm studs, dowel pins, and top motor mount studs separately. 

FL 1963-1965 


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