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S&S, HL2T Hydraulic Lifter Limited Travel kit

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Fits tappets with .612" ID. This S&S HL2T kit is designed to limit the travel of the OEM hydraulic lifters. With the HL2T kit installed, stock hydraulic lifters work like solid lifters at high R.P.M., while retaining normal hydraulic function for minimal noise and maintenance under normal conditions. Another advantage is that valves that are held open when your motorcycle is parked, the valve spring pressure will not cause lifters to bleed down and collapse, which can cause hard starting and excessive valve train noise when the engine is restarted. Kit comes complete with installation instructions. Note: Will not fit 18523-86B tappets for 84-99 B.T. These tappets have a smaller bore size and a larger spring diameter than earlier versions. This kit is compatible with .612" I.D. tappets only. Note: With the HL2T kit adjustable pushrods are necessary.

Fits: > OEM tappets: 84-85 & 03-20 B.T.; 03-20 XL S&S tappets: all 84-20 B.T. and 00-20 XL

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