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Light Pull Clutch

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Hvis du har en hår kobling er her løsningen....

Installeres i gearkassens ende cover

Fits: > 99-17 TCA/B (excl. 14-17 models with hydraulic actuated clutch)

Helpful item for people that do not have the strength to pull the clutch or find it difficult to do so. Great for stop & Go traffic. Easy installation in transmission end cover.

California based Burly Brand says its "groundbreaking 'Lite Clutch' represents a revolution in clutch control" that has been designed with simplicity in mind.

Brand Specialist Josh Rowlands told AMD that "this ingenious solution reduces clutch lever effort by a remarkable 40%. This game-changing innovation not only minimizes rider fatigue, but also delivers unparalleled smoothness and ease in clutch operation.

"Designed to seamlessly fit inside the primary cover on Sportster models and the transmission cover on Big Twins, this precision-crafted masterpiece extends the clutch operating mechanism, providing enhanced leverage for optimal performance.

"Not only does the 'Lite Clutch' offer exceptional functionality, but it also comes with an unbeatable price tag. With minimal investment, riders can experience the benefits of effortless clutch operation. Plus, installation is a breeze, taking less than 30 minutes from start to finish."

Product fitment options have recently been expanded to include '87-'23 Big Twins, with 2004-up Sportsters coming soon. 

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