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The S&S T124 is a two-cam design engine that meets the current EURO III noise and exhaust emission standards and is certified for use in 2002-2006 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT series models. Engines feature S&S gear driven cams, gear driven oil pump and reed valve breather system. They come complete with the S&S Variable Fuel Injection (VFI) system, closed loop air/fuel ratio control, single bore throttle body, Teardrop air cleaner, and the necessary TÜV documentation for the engine. Installation of the engine will require adding oxygen sensors to the stock header pipes and the use of stock 2007 mufflers to meet EURO III emissions. Installation on a motorcycle that was originally equipped with a carburetor requires the purchase of an OEM wiring harness for the same year EFI equipped model. Installation on 1999-2001 Touring requires conversion to a Delphi-style fuel tank & wiring harness.

Specifications: Bore 4 1/8" (104.8mm), Stroke 4 5/8" (117.5mm), Displacement 124 CI (2,032 cc), Compression Ratio 9.5:1. Note: Installation requires the separate purchase of a model-specific oil line installation kit

-36.96% nu kun VFI engine silver 56000 kr
-36.96% nu kun Polished finish 67.212 kr

NB: Da den nok yder ca 124hk, skal du være opmerksom på DK 20% efektforøgelse reglen.

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